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Image by Antoine J.

We're not just any old bar company

Formed in 1985 to support grass roots organisations, The Workers Beer Company introduced a new concept into festival bars by recruiting volunteers to fund raise for their campaigns, causes and organisations.  We now trade as Events, Bars and Catering and still hold to the volunteer model of serving pints at Glastonbury. As the market has changed so have we, and we now have a hybrid model using both volunteers and top-flight agency staff for both London based and prestige events.

We can call on a team of experienced bar managers, all holding a personal licence for the sale of alcohol, and can provide your event with a Designated Premises Supervisor if required.

Our dedicated on-site finance team can provide cash, card, and contactless payments systems to best support your event and clientele. We ran our first cashless show at the Heritage Live events at Audley End in 2021, proving that the future of festivals is cash free.


Our contacts within the industry are second to none. With decades of experience we know the brewery contacts, wine merchants and cup suppliers so we can get the best prices and ensure timely delivery to site. We are well placed to help with event sponsorship from alcohol suppliers.

Our contacts extend to a host of festival and events infrastructure companies, from marquees to Heras fencing, toilets to power and everything in between, we know the person to speak to. And we’re happy to help promoters with our contacts, we aim to be a good on-site partner from the moment you contract us to provide the bars at your event.

Keeping our staff safe and secure is a primary concern for us so we provide our own security for our bars and can help with contacts if you need a new security company.


While we aim to bring as little packaging on site as possible, it’s inevitable that we generate piles of cardboard, plastic, and general refuse. We take our environmental responsibilities seriously, with a Green Team at every site making sure our rubbish is properly separated and disposed of in line with site guidelines. It’s important to us that we leave as little rubbish as possible, so we do a final sweep of the bars as they are dismantled, to ensure there is nothing left to blight the site once we’ve left.


One of our major contributions to festival sites has been our innovative approach to beer dispense. We pioneered the development of multiple dispense units – MDU’s – with our partners at Three Nations and Voodoo. Often referred to as “Cows” MDU’s are now present across the festival and events sector, a huge leap from their first incarnation at the London Fleadh in the early 1990’s. Pouring twelve pints at the touch of a button, often from food grade tankers, these fantastic machines enable us to be the premier volume bar provider in the country, serving those thirsty punters as much lager and cider as they can (legally) consume.

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